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EV Digest - Driving evolution
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2019 will see new mid-priced (around £35,000) electric vehicles with increased ranges up to 260 miles per charge. | 2019 will still see prices of used electric vehicles rise around the world due to high demand and low supply. | January 2019 the Low Emissions Zone will be active in Glasgow and will apply to all vehicles by December 2022. / BMW i3 120Ah launch. | March Audi e-tron launch. / Kia e-Niro launch. / Tesla Model Y revealed. | April 2019 the Ultra Low Emission Zone will be active in London and spread to the inner London area bounded by the North and South Circular by October 2021. | June 2019 Tesla Model 3 makes its way to the UK. | July 2019 all UK government-funded charging points must use smart technology allowing remote access by electricity suppliers over the internet. / Mercedes EQC launch. / MG eZS launch. | August 2019 Second generation Renault Zoe launch. | September 2019 Audi e-tron Sportback launch. / Porche Taycan launch. / New version of the Hyundai Ionic launch. | October 2019 Aston Martin Rapide E launch. / Updated Kia Soul launch. / Mini Cooper S E launch. / Polestar 2 launch. | November 2019 DS 2 Crossback E-Tense launch. / Volkswagen ID launch. / Volvo XC40 Electric launch. | December 2019 Audi Q2 e-tron concept revealed. / Honda Urban EV launch. / Nissan Leaf SUV launch. / Peugeot 208 Electric launch. | Spring 2020 Vauxhall e-Corsa launch. / Seat e-Mii launch. / Skoda e-Citgo launch. | Summer 2020 BMW iX3 launch. / Skoda Vision E launch.

20th Century Vision

Electric vehicles are nothing new as one of the first was on British roads in 1927 which as you can see was an Outram’s Bakery bread van built by Victor Electrics Ltd.

About us

The challenge over the years has been technology as the components to create such a vehicle were large and heavy making the practicality only viable for large service vehicles to hide all the components as

you can see from the image of an Outram’s Bakery van waiting to be restored.

21st Century Reality

Today technology has made it possible to build viable electric vehicles for consumers besides business and at the same time the cost required has been drastically reduced making the vehicles affordable.

All vehicles not petrol or diesel reliant are now known as EV due to the advancement in technology not being confined to just electric as you also have hybrid and fuel cell options.

Outram’s Bakery van waiting to be restored

Our Vision

The vision of EV Digest is to support people making the move from petrol and diesel to an EV.

As the British Department for Transport focuses on EV’s we will be working closely to ensure everybody is informed making an informed decision as we move closer to 2040 when the ban of all petrol and diesel vehicles comes into force.

If looking for a new vehicle now is the time to consider an EV as traditional fuel forecourts will gradually remove petrol and diesel options and add EV fuelling options which in 10 years will account for at least 50% of a forecourt and the resale value of your current non EV will be far less than now.

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